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The best bass drum techniques for beginners

Over the last 20+ years as a professional drummer I have toyed and tested LOTS of different kick drum techniques.

As with all things there are some "outliers" used for extreme speed such as Heel Toe and the slide Technique BUT for 90% of the bass drum parts I play there are 3 basic kick drum techniques!

Watch the video above for a detailed explanation of each!

Here are some tasty tips for you to try while learning to master your bass drum.

Tip #1 - Practice doesn't make perfect...

what practice makes is PERMANENT... The facts are that the more reps you get of any given "motor skill" or in this case "bass drum technique" the more ingrained it will become... BUT this will happen weather you do it right OR whether you do it wrong. With this in mind its very important you watch and learn very carefully and slowly to allow you to practice and learn the correct movements.

Tip #2 - FEEDBACK is key!

IF you can find and afford a private drum teacher DO IT! nothing beats the honest and instant feedback a good teacher can give. This feedback stops wasted hours of incorrect movements and incorrect technique. A few hours with a good teacher can accelerate your playing by weeks or months!

Tip #3 - You don't need expensive bass drum pedals

From day one on drums I wanted a "better" bass drum pedal and truth be told... I got one. I saved all my money and bought a high end pro level bass drum pedal... It felt supper smooth, strong and durable but did I get and instant fast foot? No. It did motivate me to practice more but expensive gear rarely makes you a better player.

Years later I taught in a school with a cheapo £30 pedal... it was GREAT, I could play fast and consistent.. but how? Because I had put in 100's of hours practising!

Tip #4 - Mix it up

Try all different techniques. Focus on Heel Down for a few weeks, then heel up, then loosen the spring, tighten the spring... anything to keep altering the "learning" and muscle development. Combinations of ALL the possible and suggested techniques will give you a solid foundation to build upon.

Tip #5 - Drum Head Tension

With all this talk about the Bass drum pedal and technique, lets not forget that the tension in the drum head WILL effect you. I like a low tuned drum just past finger tight, BUT I do sometimes go tighter (at the cost of low end) for a better feel and rebound.

Be sure to watch the video above, take note, record your progress and get yourself a drum teacher. I offer Skype/zoom lessons as well as 1 to 1. get in touch NOW!

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